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Welcome to Aftermaster Pro!

Posted by The Aftermaster Team on

Aftermaster Pro, the world’s first Personal Audio Remastering Device™.

Aftermaster Pro was developed by some of the biggest names in music and audio to greatly improve the quality of digital audio, without compromise. Our team has produced, engineered and mastered more hit music than any audio company in the world. We know what sounds right.

Aftermaster can be used with your TV, stereo or any portable audio enabled device such as a smart phone or laptop. It will make all your audio sound noticeably fuller, deeper, clearer and overall, much more enjoyable. For the first time, you’ll actually hear everything that you were meant to hear by the people that created your favorite programs and music.

Our Aftermaster process will also make all of your audio noticeably louder even though your volume level and power consumption doesn’t change. This is possible because our patented and award winning process improves audio programming throughout its entire frequency range and allows you to hear a sound quality and a presence that you’ve never heard before.

Your Aftermaster Pro was designed to fix the problems commonly experienced with TV audio - difficulty hearing dialogue, poor audio quality and the need to constantly adjust the volume. Your Aftermaster Pro will raise and clarify TV dialogue while controlling the peak levels of special effects. It will also provide a richness and depth to the music, effects and the overall audio of your pro-gramming that isn’t available even from expensive audio equipment.

Your Aftermaster Pro also includes 3.5mm “audio only” ports and a recharge-able battery. This allows you to take your “Pro-on-the-go” and listen to audio at a quality level never before possible with portable electronics.